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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening has become the most popular way to quickly enhance the smile over the last few years. There are two common ways to achieve professionally administered tooth whitening. First, there is home bleaching where impressions are made of the patient's teeth, and flexible clear plastic trays are made for the patient to use with a whitening gel once or twice a day for 30 minutes to one hour. The alternative is "in-office" or laser bleaching, where a stronger bleaching gel is placed on the teeth in the dental office and activated with a bright light or laser. While the in-office bleaching whitens teeth more quickly, it has some drawbacks. It requires more time in the dental chair, making it harder to fit into a busy day. It tends to be more uncomfortable due to the stronger gel and the heating process. For the same reason, the teeth are often left more sensitive as a result of the treatment. Finally, in-office whitening is usually considerable more expensive. At Dental Visions, we prefer home bleaching. It may take 2 or 3 weeks to achieve the desired shade, but it is convenient, comfortable, less expensive, less likely to cause sensitivity, and - most important - the result is exactly the same for both systems. The two systems use the same whitening ingredient - just different strengths and temperatures. Call our office for an appointment to discuss your bright new smile!

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